When is the best time to rust proof your car?

In Quebec, because of the cold climate, rust is a major problem that affects all types of vehicles. Rust begins to form in invisible places and by the time it reaches the surface of the car, it is often too late. It is therefore important to have your car treated against rust on a regular basis in order to protect your investment.

Anti-rust treatments enjoy seasonal popularity, but rust is a year-round problem. In order to properly protect your car and maximize its value, you need to know when is the best time to apply the treatment and how to apply it.

In order to enlighten you, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about rustproofing for cars in the following article.

What is rust?

Rust formation is a chemical reaction that creates a reddish layer on the surfaces of iron and other metals due to oxidation caused by water or moisture. Rust is the number one enemy of car owners. A small area of ​​rust can spread quickly and damage the body of your vehicle.

Corrosion usually worsens in winter as moisture, salt and rain accelerate the chemical reaction. No car is immune to this phenomenon unless a regular rust proof treatment is applied.

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How does rust appear on cars?

Rust formation occurs when 3 conditions are met: access to bare metal, oxygen and water. When steel, which is an oxidized iron, comes into contact with water and air, catalysis occurs. This process is even more stimulated when the water is slightly acidic (salt). That’s why you should treat your car against rust before winter.

During the winter in Quebec, snow removal trucks apply road salts to de-ice the roads. These salts come into contact with and become embedded in your vehicle frame. These are the ideal conditions for rusting – as soon as the metal is exposed, the oxidation process begins!

Rust shortens the useful life of the vehicle and significantly reduces its value. In addition, car manufacturers do not offer a guarantee for this type of rust since the problem is not caused by a manufacturing defect.

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When to apply an anti-rust treatment?

Make sure you have the right environment to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. The best time of the year to rustproof your car is spring or summer. During these two seasons, the environment and the roads are dry and there are fewer abrasives on the roads (e.g. de-icing salt). Anti-rust products can penetrate the vehicle parts more easily, which prolongs the effect of the treatment and offers better protection.

If rust has already taken hold of parts of your car, don’t worry. Surface rust can be removed by an expert if you act quickly. Once the surfaces have been repaired, you can proceed with the anti-rust treatment.

Benefits of rust proofing your car

If you want to keep your car for several years, rust proofing is beneficial for many reasons:

  • It reduces repair costs since you avoid replacing certain parts (brake lines, electrical connectors, lower body panels, etc.)
  • It extends the life of your vehicle.
  • It makes your car safer (over the years rust can affect the structure of your vehicle).
  • It ensures better long term resale value.

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Is a car protected against rust in a heated garage?

A question that our customers frequently ask us is “Is my car protected against rust in my heated garage?”. The answer is no. Also, be careful because cars that spend the winter in a heated garage are more likely to get rust.

The heat and humidity caused by the heating system can easily and quickly activate the chemical reaction of calcium on steel. However, if you rustproof your car, it will be protected from rust in your garage or outside.

Anti-rust treatment: Garage or specialist?

The APA (Automobile Protection Association) has denounced the lack of professionalism of certain dealers who offer various types of oil or grease treatments. Although they sell these products, they don’t necessarily have the expertise to apply the treatment well, so the most vulnerable parts of your car may not be well protected.

It is advisable to do business with a company that specializes in rustproofing for guaranteed quality results. Antirouille Champlain has more than 40 years of experience and offers you a personalized and optimal rust protection for your car. We use the best performing products on the market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to have your vehicle treated!

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