Should I get my car rust proofed in the summer

Should I get my car rust proofed in the summer?

Car rust can be extremely damaging and can turn an otherwise brilliant and functional vehicle into a useless heap of metal. To protect your vehicle from rust damage, there is nothing better than applying a yearly rust proofing treatment.

Rust proofing is the ultimate way to ensure the corrosion process does not take hold of your car. However, you may be wondering when is the best time to rustproof your car during the year. There are a lot of opinions out there surrounding the best time to rust proof your vehicle, so we created this handy guide to explain when you should begin corrosion prevention.

Is summer the right time to get rust protection on your car?

Summer is the perfect time to protect your vehicle from rust. The conditions that come with summer provide the perfect situation to protect your vehicle. From the warm weather to the lack of debris on the roads, summer ensures the optimal success of rustproofing solutions

There are a few reasons why you should choose summer to rust proof your car. Firstly, it is more comfortable for you to do it in the summer. After all, doing it in the warm summer weather is a lot more pleasant than doing it in the winter.

Moreover, to apply the rust-resistant solution, the car needs to be completely dry, which is difficult in the winter. The dry summer weather means that you can save time and begin applying the rust-proofing treatment shortly after a good wash.

Last winter, the salt, sand and snow on our roads contributed to removing some of the rust protection from your vehicle. But rust has no season. It attacks surfaces even in summer. For maximum annual protection, now is the time to re-treat your vehicle.

How fast does rust spread on a car?

When should I rust proof my car?

You should rust proof your car in the summer after it has been cleaned. Signs of rust can appear at any time, making it important to keep an eye on body panels and bare metals for surface rust and any rust formation. The best period to protect your vehicle is right before fall arrives.

Although summer is the best time to rust proof your car, that does not mean that your vehicle can go unchecked for the rest of the year. The corrosion process speeds up in winter when road salt combines with water and oxygen.

Should I rustproof my vehicle?

You should rustproof your vehicle if you want it to have a longer lifespan. Although it is not technically essential, it is an easy fix to a common problem that many neglect. If you do not get your car rust proofed, rust control can become difficult to handle as corrosion will eventually spread to a point of no return. 

Many people think they do not need to get their car rust proofed because it will not be that big of a deal when in actuality, a small amount of rust can develop into a big problem. Depending on what part of the car the rust is chewing, your car may cease to work, which can incur huge costs to replace parts as well as put your safety at risk. Investing in a regular rust proofing treatment can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Rustproofing your vehicle will ensure that your car is in good condition for years to come, hence preventing you from spending money on costly car repairs. Your safety on the road should be the primary reason to invest in rustproofing treatments.

How can rust damage your car?

Rust proofing services

Antirouille Champlain specializes in rust-proofing services for vehicles of all types: buses, trailers, heavy machinery, recreational vehicles, fleet of vehicles, passenger vehicles and farm machinery. 

With 40 years of experience under our belt, our rustproofing treatments have constantly been studied and improved since 1972. Our Original treatment does not drip and penetrates into the smallest folds and recesses of the sheets and the frame of your vehicle. It should be carried out annually to maintain better value for your vehicle. This package also comes with a 10-year warranty on the body if you commit to reapplying the treatment every year.

Our Sentinelle treatment is popular due to its eco-friendly properties, which are becoming more and more important for our customers. It provides all the same benefits as the Original treatment with the added fact that this product is abrasion resistant, perfect for protection against road debris. Again, you will receive a 10-year warranty with this package if you commit to the yearly application of the Original treatment.

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