Rustproofing your car can save money and the environment

Your vehicle may look good and run well right now, but it will rust if not protected appropriately. Do you think rust is merely an aesthetic issue? Rust can have a much larger impact on your vehicle than you might expect. For starters, it can reduce the lifespan of a car, because it can cause mechanical and electrical parts to malfunction, and even compromise vehicle safety. This is why rustproofing is so important.

Now that winter is over, it’s the perfect time to rustproof your vehicle. Why? As per Statistics Canada, a staggering five million tonnes of road salt is sprayed every winter to minimize ice and snow on Canadian roads and highways. This combined with the humidity and moisture of Canadian winter and summer creates the ideal breeding environment for rust. Find out how rustproofing your car can help you save money while reducing your impact on the environment.

What is rustproofing?

Rustproofing is the process of applying a solution to a vehicle’s exposed metal parts to protect them from rust formation. Depending on mechanical wear and environmental circumstances, the anti-rust treatment technique can vary. Anti-rust oil with the addition of paraffin is the most common rust proofing treatment.

Rust is derived from the term “red dust,” which describes the color and texture of this chemical reaction. This is caused by a process called oxidation, which is the breakdown of iron-based compounds. In short, rust is formed when iron comes into contact with oxygen and water. Rust on cars normally happens in stages. If it isn’t dealt with as soon as it arises, it will worsen, causing even more harm.

How to check a car for rust

Why have your automobile rust proofed?

Rustproofing can help you keep your vehicle functional and looking good for a longer time. In any event, you should always weigh the expense of rustproofing against the value of your vehicle. Spending $ 1,000 over ten years to rustproof a car will save you at least $ 15,000 in repair costs in the long run if not more.

How often should you rustproof your vehicle?

You should rustproof your vehicle once a year. It’s preferable to rustproof your car before the beginning of the winter months, so you can protect it from the harsh weather. You should double-check your vehicle at the end of each season to see if any rusting and corrosion is forming.

How much does an anti-rust treatment cost?

Benefits of rustproofing you may not know

Here are key benefits of rustproofing your vehicle: 

  • Protection against road filth
  • Decreased repair costs
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Longer vehicle life
  • Less vehicle noise
  • Higher resale value
  • Safer vehicle
  • Eco-friendly

Protection against road filth

The main benefit of rustproofing your car is to maximize protection and minimize rust on the undercarriage of your car. What people do not know is that it also acts as an extra layer of protection on your car paint and undercarriage! From sun damage, acidic bird droppings, pebbles, and other road debris, the rustproofing process optimizes the overall protection of your vehicle against nature and scratches.

Decreased repair costs

Rust damage is very costly to repair. In addition to body damage, rust can sneak into your vehicle’s electrical and mechanical systems, resulting in costly repairs. A little investment in an annual rustproofing treatment pays for itself over the life of your vehicle by preventing or minimizing the amount of rust damage. You can be certain that electronic rust and rust damage won’t be one of your problems.

Reduced insurance costs

A rustproofed car will not be as problematic as a car without a rustproofing coat and will typically entail fewer repair costs in the future. This implies lower insurance costs. This is certainly a huge deal, especially if you have owned a vehicle for a long period or have high insurance premiums.

Longer vehicle life

You can prolong the life of your car by preventing rust from developing. You will save money on vehicle replacement prices if you keep your vehicle in good running order for a longer period. In the long run, you’ll have more money for things like trips, college tuition, a better retirement plan, and a variety of other things.

Less vehicle noise

You may notice that the interior of your vehicle is making a lot of noise while you drive. The important thing to remember is that rustproofing will naturally assist and prevent this type of problem. Additionally, there will be no more rust or rust damage, resulting in better vehicle maintenance.

Higher resale value

If you plan to sell your vehicle in the future, rustproofing can help you get the most money for it. In the resale market, prices for similar cars can vary dramatically. The condition of the body is one of the most important variables that contribute to a vehicle’s resale value.

Rustproofing your vehicle’s body can have a considerable impact on its condition, especially as it becomes older. It can assist you in getting the most out of your vehicle when you sell or trade it.

Safer vehicle

Rust can degrade essential structural elements over time, jeopardizing the structural integrity of your vehicle and, as a result, its safety. Rustproofing treatments can reach critical structural regions such as frame rails, door pillars, and the millions of spot welds that keep your car together. Electrical rust is even more dangerous now that most cars’ brake systems are electric.

A meticulous rustproofing application procedure is required to ensure the safety of your car. Rustproofing your vehicle can also keep it looking new for longer by preventing unsightly rust from accumulating on the body.


An automobile with no rusted metal parts may be recycled more efficiently, allowing its elements to be repurposed rather than ending up in landfills and damaging the environment. The prolonged life it gives to any vehicle also reduces the overall vehicle consumption in society!

Rustproofing services

Antirouille Champlain is your reference in the fight against rust. We’ve been researching and perfecting our rustproofing solutions since 1972. Washing and waxing your car is one thing, but consulting professionals will ensure that your paint stays immaculate and your underside is ready to handle any road condition.

Our Sentinelle Plus rustproofing method utilizes an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor produced from vegetable oil and calcium sulphonate to provide the best protection for your car. When paired with our annual treatment for exposed surfaces under the car, this permanent rust treatment is a great way to extend the life of your car.

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