Antirouille Champlain | Permanent Rust Proofing Treatment for your Vehicle

With winter fast approaching, let our meticulous mechanics take care of the rust-proofing treatment of your vehicle. We use an ecological anti-rust product made from a mix of vegetable oil and calcium sulphonate that will interact with the metal to form a barrier against humidity. Our rust proofing treatment actively prevents corrosion and protects your vehicle from the many abrasives found on Quebec’s winter roads. 




Choose a high quality permanent rust proofing treatment to protect your car

To prepare your car for the snowy Quebec winter, Antirouille Champlain offers a permanent rust protection treatment that will bring you an optimal protection. Our Sentinelle Plus treatment is a great rustproofing service that offers superior start-up protection for your vehicle, while also using an ecological rust inhibitor made from vegetable oil and calcium sulphonate. We strongly recommend to our customers to choose a permanent anti-rust treatment after purchasing a new car or a low-mileage car. Used in addition to our annual treatment for exposed surfaces under the car, the permanent treatment is a great option to extend the longevity of a vehicle.

How does our no-drilling anti-rust treatment work?

Our primary goal is to return your vehicle to you well protected and in great condition! That is why we offer a no-drilling option for the permanent rust proofing treatment of your car.



Instead of piercing your body, our experts dismantle your vehicle to protect all its difficult to reach surfaces from rust

In order to apply the product in the nooks and crannies of the vehicle, our mechanics will remove certain pieces to access the treatment points. This process is more time consuming than drilling. However it provides great physical and financial outcomes for our customers in the long run.


Learn more about the Sentinelle Plus product

Antirouille Champlain is proud to offer a high quality service that sets us apart from our competitors in the industry. We work with unparalleled care to ensure flawless results and optimal protection for any type of vehicle.  Additional services included in the Sentinelle Plus service are:

  • An exterior car wash
  • Washing of the underside of the car
  • Two annual original paraffin treatments for the exposed areas under your vehicle, valued at $119.90
  • Distinctive sticker
  • Terms of payment
  • Electrical recharging
  • Possibility of vehicle loans ($)


Take advantage of a 10-year warranty with the purchase of the Sentinelle Plus service

The Sentinelle Plus package is recommended for the owner of a new vehicle and, by choosing Antirouille Champlain, you can enjoy a 10-year bodywork warranty on cars with less than 10,000 km. In order for a vehicle to enjoy the warranty, the permanent rust proofing must be followed annually by the Original paraffin treatment for exposed surfaces.



Top-of-the-line services from our devoted mechanics

We carefully select our employees to ensure the best experience and the best outcomes for our clients. With our services, you will get relevant information for the maintenance of your automobiles from our team of highly qualified rust proofing experts. With Antirouille Champlain, you can rest assured that your vehicles will stay in great condition and in good hands.

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How to choose an anti-rust treatment?

You may be wondering if it’s better to do an annual treatment or a permanent treatment. If your car is new or has 10,000 km or less, it is recommended to do a permanent treatment. This one offers a more detailed application of the product and efficiently protects all the hard-to-reach parts of your vehicle, while the annual rustproofing treatment is designed to be done every year for the exposed parts and surfaces of the body.

Why is our no-drilling rust proofing more expensive?

It is normal to see superior prices for a no-drill rust proofing treatment compared to other rustproofing treatments. The reason behind this increase is a greater attention to detail and a more thorough service when compared to the treatment offered by other specialists. There is no drilling, which means that our mechanics must take the time to dismantle certain elements of your vehicle to access the treatment points.

What is the best rust inhibitor?

As a rust-proofing specialist, we always suggest that our customers see rust proofing experts instead of a garage. With specialists you will find more detailed and concrete answers as well as a high level of service and experience.

What is the best anti-rust product?

With Antirouille Champlain, you can benefit from the Sentinelle Plus service. We use an ecological, no-drip product based on vegetable oil with added calcium sulphonate, for a permanent treatment that will protect your vehicle against rust damage as well as your driveway from dripping.

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