Permanent Rust Protection Treatment for Automobiles

Durable Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions and Damaging Rust

Durable rust protection is an essential part of automobile care, especially for those of us residing in Canada where rain, snow, road salt, and other harsh weather conditions can lead to massive build-ups of rust across the entire vehicle.

Without some form of rustproofing solution or rust inhibitor, the car’s structural integrity and overall quality will decrease overtime, lowering resale value and decreasing its lifespan. Most retailers offer annual rust proofing options, but these oil-based treatments wear off quickly and can create permanent stains on driveways and roads.

At Antirouille Champlain, we are proud to offer permanent protection against rust for your vehicle using our wax-based solution. It is dripless and is easily applied to all areas of the car, including  the body panels and underside of the car.

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How does Permanent Rust Proofing Protect your Vehicle From Future Rust?

Vehicle Inspection

Good rust proofing begins with a careful inspection. A rust check beforehand helps ensure that all the major problem areas are targeted and no pre-existing rust is left untreated.

Application to Outer Vehicle Body

Our unique sealant mixture is then applied to all the major exterior surfaces, as well as any small nooks and crannies throughout. The solution is specially designed to bond with metal surfaces to produce long lasting polymer-based protection against corrosion from the harshest weather conditions.


The sealant spray is then applied to the entire underside of the car for maximum rust protection. The coating forms a protective barrier against air, moisture, and salt, as well as protecting the metal from road abrasions.

Inner Body Application

Lastly, the anti-corrosion sealant is applied to the inside of the car’s body panels. This ensures that 100% of moisture is repelled from getting into the car’s insides, where it could cause irreversible damage. With this, you can rest assured that your car is totally protected from the effects of oxidation.

Wax-based Permanent Rust Protection

Wax vs Oil rust-proofing treatment?

With a wax-based solution, your vehicle will gain a lifetime of rust protection without the drippy mess of an oil spray. Oil-type rustproofing also only lasts for a year before requiring reapplication, whereas Wax solutions last far longer and have better adhesion to metal surfaces, allowing them to remain effective for years.

Protection for Every Type of Automobile

We perform rustproofing services on a wide variety of automobiles and vehicles. Call us today to see which service is right for you.

Total Vehicle Coverage for the Best Protection from Corrosion

With our Permanent Rust-Proofing Solution, you can head into the winter months with a piece of mind that your car is totally protected. This is an essential service that we are best-equipped to handle for you. Book with us today to permanently protect your vehicle from everything nature has to throw at it.

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