anti rust treatment cost

How much does an anti-rust treatment cost?

You want to protect your car against rust? Rustproofing will cost you between $ 100 and $ 1000 depending on the product & service required

A vehicle is probably one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. With the approach of the cold season, it is advisable to use different methods to protect your investment for as long as possible. Rust, being one of the biggest threats to your car and its value, should be prevented rather than treated.

The cost of repairing damage from rust and corrosion can quickly add up and take a toll on your finances. This is why one of the best ways to protect your vehicle and its market value is to apply a rust-proofing solution. The anti-rust treatment helps avoid, but above all prevent, the appearance of rust.


What are the causes of vehicle rust

Several unexpected and uncontrollable factors increase the risk of your car rusting. Here are a few:


Weather conditions

Weather is one of the most common causes of vehicle rust. Indeed, exposure to water, whether from puddles caused by rain, driving in snow or even just humid air, are all ways in which water can enter your car and its remotest corners. This moisture mixed with oxygen causes oxidation, which results in rust and corrosion. In addition to water, dry weather and UV rays from the sun can also contribute and accelerate the rusting of your car.



In winter, with falling snow and precipitation, the underside of your car is totally exposed to anything and everything, including salt and chemicals. These products, generally used for de-icing or to prevent the sliding of cars, make their way and stay stuck to metal surfaces. The combination of salt and water is even more damaging and ruining to the car than rust, since the salt manages to eat away at the metal and weaken it.


Wear & Tear

Finally, time can also cause the appearance of rust on your car. This is because the different parts of your vehicle wear out over time and eventually show the effects of wear, namely rust. This is why it is very important to take good care of your car in order to avoid rusting or premature aging.


Treating your vehicle against rust: is it necessary these days?

Even though cars today are designed to be more durable, it is still beneficial to apply an anti-rust treatment at least once a year. Nothing costs more than bodywork or painting a car damaged by rust. Such treatment is essential to prolong the life of your car and to maintain its market value. However, you must choose the right type of rustproofing treatment and refer to professionals specialized in the field in order to obtain good long-term results.


What are the costs of different anti-rust treatments?

There are several types of anti-rust treatments, some more effective than others. Here are the 3 most popular options available to you:


1. Oil treatment with the addition of calcium sulphonate grease

An oil treatment with the addition of calcium sulfonate done when the vehicle is new is the best starting treatment due to its excellent hold and abrasion resistance. This treatment can be applied to the entire body of the car, including the underside. It therefore succeeds in protecting the latter from corrosion without causing any drop after application.

The grease treatment costs between $ 150 and $ 1000 or even more depending on the type of vehicle and the type of treatment. For a new vehicle, the best possible protection is to do this type of treatment when leaving the dealership and treatments with oil added with paraffin the following years.


2. Oil and paraffin treatment

The oil treatment is the most recommended by professionals because of its effectiveness. It requires an annual application. Obviously, some vehicles are tougher than others, but it’s better not to take any chances.

This treatment consists of spraying anti-rust oil over the entire vehicle including the underside, but also, and this is where its greatest advantage remains, the narrowest and hidden parts, namely the door seals or fairly hard-to-reach crevices that are more susceptible to rust. For the oil treatment, the cost is cheaper and ranges from $ 90 to $ 200 depending on the type of your car.


3. Electronic rust protection

This is one of the newer treatments, regularly offered at dealerships, very often at exorbitant prices. Electronic modules or inhibitors are purchased and installed through the car battery, and send low continuous electrical currents across the entire metal surface of the vehicle.

This treatment developed for boats does not have the same effectiveness for a car, because to function properly, the steel must remain in permanent contact with water. This would theoretically prevent a car from rusting by disrupting the chemical reaction that causes rust.

This is a very expensive treatment since it costs around $ 300/400 at a specialist and $ 500-1000 at dealerships. It remains a treatment which is still relatively new and the verdict on its effectiveness remains very questionable.