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How long does rust proofing take to dry?

Buying and maintaining a car is an expensive commitment. Understandably, you want to make sure that you maintain your vehicle in the best condition. There are many things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your car, including getting regular services, washing your car and rustproofing it on a yearly basis.

What does rust proofing do?

Rust proofing protects your car from corrosion and rust. The formation of rust might seem like a minor inconvenience but it has the potential to inflict significant damage to your car.

Rust attacks the components of your car which can cause it to malfunction and it can also diminish the value of your vehicle. Thankfully, rust-proofing treatments prevent rust from forming on your vehicle and keep it looking fresh and new. We recommended rustproofing your car annually for the best protection.

How to remove rust from your car

How long does rust proofing take to dry?

Rust proofing only takes about four hours to feel dry to the touch and after 3 days, it is completely dry. While you might think that you should avoid touching the rustproofing treatment, it is not as delicate as wet paint. You can touch and drive your car as soon as you pick it up from the garage.

How long should I wait to wash my car after rust proofing?

We recommended waiting approximately two day to wash your car after it has been rust proofed. The good news is that Antirouille’s rustproof treatments cannot be washed from metal surfaces using soap and water, so even if you are caught in a downpour or accidentally wash your car sooner than planned, the treatment will not come off.

When you decide to wash your vehicle, it is best to avoid washing the undercarriage of your car with hot water, degreasers, and high-pressure washers. Doing so can speed up the wear of the product and diminish its effectiveness. You should ideally wash the underside of your car twice a year using a dedicated product, which will remove any salt and debris effectively.

​​How long does a car undercoat take to dry?

Depending on the outside temperature and the humidity that day, an undercoat application can take as little as 24 hours to be completely dry. Contrary to a rust-proofing treatment, which takes multiple hours, undercoating can be dry to the touch in just 30 minutes. The above recommendations are based on 21 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity. If the weather is cooler, it will likely take a bit longer.

Can I drive my car after undercoating?

Yes, you can drive after an undercoating has been applied to your car. As the undercoating product can take as little as 30 minutes to feel dry to the touch, you should be completely fine to drive your car as soon as you pick it up.

How long does a rust-proof treatment last?

There are two types of rust-proofing treatments to protect vehicles from rust: grease-based rust proofing treatments and oil-based rust proofing treatments. No matter which treatment you choose, it is essential to go to a specialist to ensure that the product is applied the right way.

Grease-based treatment

A grease-based treatment typically lasts for the lifetime of the car. However, we recommend a second application after approximately 10 years to ensure maximum protection. This treatment option provides excellent coverage with a strong barrier against salt and debris. It also includes an anti-corrosive wax, which extends treatment life.

Oil-based treatment

An oil-based rust proofing treatment lasts roughly one year and needs to be reapplied annually. This treatment option is largely made up of oil with the addition of paraffin to help thicken the mixture. The product ensures that the treatment covers any difficult-to-reach corners and joints.

Myths and facts about car rustproofing

Rustproofing services

Antirouille Champlain is your best option to protect your car from rust. We have been perfecting our rust proofing solutions since 1972. Our specialists are highly qualified to ensure that your car remains in a pristine condition and that the underside of your car is ready to face any type of road.

Our Original rustproofing solution uses oil with the addition of paraffin that penetrates into the smallest folds and recesses of the sheets and the frame of your car. For the best results, apply it yearly to your car.  Our Sentinelle Plus rustproofing treatment uses an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor manufactured from vegetable oil and calcium sulphonate to ensure that your car is protected at all times.

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