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Does rust proofing smell?

Is your car a victim of rust? Has this phenomenon attacked the undercarriage of your car, leaving it exposed to the elements? If the answer is yes to both of those questions, it might be time to rustproof your car.

On the plus side, if you possess a newer vehicle, your car is probably still looking good. Most modern automobiles are made of rust-resistant lightweight materials such as aluminum, polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and magnesium. This makes them not only more fuel-efficient and light, but also less vulnerable to corrosive pollutants.

However, this doesn’t mean that newer cars are immune to corrosion, which is why it is important to rustproof your car on a yearly basis. The advantages of rustproofing are well known but some people ignore that rustproofing treatments emit a strange smell. 

Why is rust proofing your car important?

Rust proofing is important to prevent damage to your car. It’s easy to think that rust might just be a minor inconvenience. However, it has the potential to inflict quite some damage to your car. You definitely want to avoid any kind of rust on your vehicle.

After all, a car with visible rust spots does not look very appealing and rust largely diminishes the resale value of your car. Rustproofing is essential to maintain your car in good shape for years to come. 

How to prevent rust from spreading on your car

Does rust proofing smell

Rust proofing treatments have an initial strong smell, which comes from the product that is used to protect your vehicle. While this smell might be unpleasant at first, it goes away. You can expect the smell to be fully gone after a week.

The reason the smell of rustproofing treatments can be strong in the beginning is that the smoke rises from underneath your car and gets sucked into the cowl and blown straight into the cabin of your car. It might help if you set your HVAC controls to recirculate the air in the car.  This is an easy way to avoid the majority of the smell until it finally goes away. Regardless of the lingering smell, rustproofing is definitely worth it. Your car will thank you in the future.

Rustproofing your car can save money and the environment

Does undercoating smell like burning?

Undercoating smells a bit like burning at first and it’s completely normal. The smell occurs because when the product is applied to your car, it is often unavoidable to get a small amount of overspray on the exhaust. Undercoating is the application of a wax-based or rubber-based composite to the underside of your car.

Its purpose is to produce a rustproof barrier between the underside of the car and the road. Undercoating adds a much more thorough layer of protection to your car.  Even though the underside of your car isn’t visible, it is still very vulnerable to dirt, debris, mud, and road salt.

How can rust damage your car?

How long does it take until the rustproof smell goes away?

The rustproofing smell will typically last during the first 300 kilometers. As explained above, this is due to the rust inhibitors burning off. After those initial first couple of hundred km, the smell will start to subside. Nevertheless, after a few days, most people will barely smell the rust-proofing treatment.

If you are concerned about the possible smell of rustproofing, it is important to speak to the service provider as they may be able to share additional tips and tricks to dissipate the smell quicker. The best advice to get rid of the smell is to go for a long ride to burn the excess product.

Rustproofing services

Most rust concerns can be avoided by checking your vehicle on a regular basis and sticking to a wash and wax plan. A yearly anti-rust treatment can save you thousands of dollars and help your automobile last longer.

Antirouille Champlain is the best ally in the fight against rust. We’ve been researching and perfecting our rustproofing products since 1972. Our rustproofing services will ensure that your paint stays beautiful and that your substructure is ready to handle any road condition.

Our Sentinelle rustproofing treatment utilizes an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor manufactured from vegetable oil and calcium sulphonate to provide the best possible protection for your car. When combined with our annual treatment for exposed surfaces under the car, the permanent treatment is a great way to extend the life of your car.

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