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Does an anti-rust treatment void the warranty of a gasoline, electric or hybrid vehicle?

Having a vehicle warranty voided is a common concern shared by all car owners. This is why in this article we give you some maintenance tips and give details about a popular myth according to which treating a vehicle voids its warranty.


Does an anti-rust treatment affect your warranty?

There have been rumors for years that rustproofing, especially for electric vehicles, affects electrical and electronic components and can void a vehicle’s warranty. However, this belief is wrong. In Canada, any type of vehicle for sale can be treated against corrosion without a manufacturer automatically voiding its warranty, even for an electric or hybrid car. 


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The concern with the anti-rust treatment is that it requires the precision of an expert. This is “a question of competence and not of warranty”. You just need to find a specialized workshop that knows how to apply the treatment safely and effectively without affecting the components of the electrical system.


Tips to preserve your vehicle warranty coverage

Here are some tips to follow in order to avoid voiding your vehicle warranty:


1. Read the car owner’s manual

To be sure that you are performing the required maintenance, you need to make sure your car is operating safely and optimally. If you have any doubts about anything, check your vehicle’s manual and find out what information you need in the car guide.


2. Check your car body regularly

You should never forget to check the body of your car (false fenders, etc.), as rare are the car brands that cover the perforations caused by corrosion. This is why you should make sure to protect your vehicle and apply an anti-rust treatment.


3. Inspect your battery

It is always important to inspect your battery especially if you do not use your vehicle often or if it is in storage. If you have a 12-volt battery, you can inspect it on your own, but if you have a hybrid system consider going to a car dealership.


4. Watch out for fault indicators

As soon as a warning light comes on on your dashboard, check the problem and see a dealer if necessary. If you want manufacturers to pay for repairs, you need to make sure you get professional help quickly.


5. An unused car always requires maintenance

It is important not to leave your vehicle stored in the garage or exposed to the sun too long. Check the owner’s manual for the correct recommendations based on your vehicle.

Lots of mechanical parts are susceptible to rusting, so proper care is important. Certain conditions may be required by manufacturers such as maintenance and charging of the high voltage battery, and proper storage especially in extreme weather conditions.

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When should an anti-rust treatment be applied?

It is generally recommended to apply an anti-rust treatment on an annual basis.

We strongly recommend that you apply an anti-rust treatment to preserve your vehicle and avoid having to pay exorbitant repair costs for damage caused by rust.


Why choose Antirouille Champlain?

With over 45 years of experience in the field, our team perfects application techniques for optimal protection of your vehicle against rust. With Antirouille Champlain, you get a lifetime warranty on your vehicle of under three years old 
with mileage less than 60,000 kilometers.

For your electric and hybrid cars, we use a dielectric rust inhibitor that does not contain electrical charges that may move macroscopically. Therefore, the product cannot conduct electric current which is essential when working on an electric or hybrid vehicle. You can book an appointment in just a few clicks and protect your vehicle body now.