Car Detailing

Car detailing is an art that requires technique and passion. We have the manpower and the best products to meet your expectations. In doubts, talk to our customers.


Decontamination and Sealants

In addition to providing you with annual rust protection treatment, Antirouille Champlain can give your painting a new life. Our team of experts will apply to your vehicle the best paint sealant, available on the market. It will give your vehicle a shine, depth, mirror and wet effect.

In addition to the protection our sealant provides protection against external aggression (droppings, insects, atmospheric contamination, tar, dirt, salt, acid rain, oxidation, etc.). it may also correct some small imperfections and scratches on your paint. The sealant will last 8 months or more.

Important : An annual paint and rust-proof sealant duo will extend the life and beauty of your vehicle.

Aquapel treatment

Improves visibility when it’s raining
Facilitates the removal of ice, snow, insects and mud on the windows
Last for months, up to six times longer than other glass treatment products

Important : Doing an Aquapel treatment every 6 months is strongly recommended. Our customers appreciate being able to coordinate the Aquapel treatment service with their anti-rust appointment. Ask for it when you next make an appointment!


Damaged headlights can halve the brightness you get from them.
30% of vehicles presents strong or very strong headlight problems
With our treatment, your headlights will restore up to 90% of their original look.

Important : For your safety, that of your passengers and the safety of others, we strongly recommend our headlights polishing treatment.


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