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clicNpark, park straight away

Generate income with your parking when you are not using it by the hour, day or month.

Do you have a parking space that you barely use? Or

maybe you own a parking lot and want to increase your income?

clicNpark operates a digital platform dedicated to parking rental in the spirit of the sharing economy.

In addition to optimizing the maintenance of your parking lot, the clicNpark application allows you to rent your underused spaces. If you are interested in registering your parking on our site, click here to do so!



Residential charging stations for electric cars

 Do you need to install an electric terminal? One number to remember 418 623-2323


Financial assistance at your fingertips

Subsidies are offered by the Government of Quebec as part of the Roulez vert program. You are eligible for a substantial $ 600 rebate with the purchase of a level 2 residential charging station and its installation by a certified electrician.

We guarantee an answer to your online service call in less than 30 minutes on working days from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Experts in the installation of stone guards and tinted glass

The company has been named Dealer of the Year (Canadian FormulaOne of the year) and was a medalist in several international competitions.

25 ans d’expérience et une réputation qui n’est plus à faire

25 years of experience and an established reputation

From the first kilometer driven, your vehicle is necessarily exposed to projections of materials such as gravel, sand and even ice. In the blink of an eye or over time, these will alter the finish of your vehicle, especially on the front parts, further reducing its resale value or requiring you to make expensive repairs.

Protect your investment and avoid a possible visit to a body shop by permanently and invisibly protecting the most fragile parts of your body.

Professional installation of a quality stone barrier film is the lasting solution and therefore, in the end, very economical.

For a simulation and an estimate click here.