Traitement Aquapel Trois-Rivières

Aquapel Glass Treatment Trois-Rivières – Choose the Best Aquapel Treatment in Quebec

Aquapel treatment for your windshield

What is the Aquapel windshield treatment?

Aquapel is a product that decreases the glare caused by the sun, street lights and the headlights of cars at night in your windshield. This innovation was originally developed by PPG Industries for the aviation industry, but today the treatment is widely used on all types of vehicles to promote automotive safety. 

Antirouille Champlain offers all drivers a reliable Aquapel glass treatment to keep them safe on the road. It is recommended to apply the treatment every 4 to 6 months.

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Benefits of Aquapel Glass Treatment

  • Aquapel improves vision by more than 35%when it rains or snows;
  • It reduces the risk of visual fatigue;
  • It is a durable product(lasts up to 6 months);
  • It allows drivers to identify possible obstacles more quickly;
  • It helps you save money because you consume less windshield washer fluid;
  • The treatment resists to car washes and the use of cleaning products;
  • It promotes safety on the road;
  • It lasts 6x longer than other products of its kind (glass treatment);
  • It facilitates the removal of ice, snow, insects and dirt;
  • It has an anti-glare effect;


Frequently Asked Questions about Aquapel Treatments

How does Aquapel work?

The product forms a chemical bond with glass creating a hydrophobic layer that prevents water from adhering to the glass. It therefore prevents the accumulation of water and snow on the exterior glass surface and delays the formation of gel.


How long does the Aquapel treatment last?

The treatment can last up to 6 months on the windshield under normal driving conditions and up to 18 months on the side windows of the car.


How long does it take to apply the Aquapel product to a vehicle?

The application by Antirouille Champlain takes 15 minutes on average unless you also apply an anti-rust treatment during your visit. Both treatments can be done at the same time. In this case, the application time is 45 minutes.


What is the difference between Aquapel and other similar windshield products?

Aquapel forms a chemical reaction and becomes part of the glass, unlike other products which simply form a temporary coating on the glass. Aquapel lasts 6 times longer.


Is it possible to apply Aquapel during the winter?

Yes, since the treatment contains fluoropolymer. It prevents ice and frost from sticking to your windshield.


How much does the Aquapel glass treatment cost?

The price for an Aquapel glass treatment at Antirouille Champlain is $ 29.95 + taxes.