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8 BMW maintenance tips

It is important to ensure that your luxury vehicles are always looked after. A well-maintained vehicle will perform better and last longer than one that isn’t cared for properly. If you want to keep your ride performing at peak efficiency, you need to take care of it. While there are several things that can go wrong with your vehicle, many of those problems can be avoided with regular maintenance and service.

Importance of car maintenance

If you want to ensure you have the ultimate driving machine in your hands, you will need to ensure you have regular maintenance intervals scheduled. Not only does routine maintenance keep your vehicle safe, it also helps improve performance and fuel economy.

Below are just a few reasons as to why routine service is essential for cars:

  • It ensures they are safe to drive
  • It prevents breakdowns
  • It saves money
  • It allows for smooth performance
  • It improves resale value

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When should you service your BMW?

At present, the preferred BMW maintenance plan is based on the standard 5000-mile service interval, although a condition-based service monitor will track key areas and alert you if additional services are needed.

It is recommended that a BMW maintenance plan include:

  • Vehicle check and inspection
  • Brake fluid check
  • Coolant check
  • Engine oil check
  • Front and rear brake inspection
  • Engine and cabin air filter inspection
  • Standard scope
  • Wiper blade inspection
  • Tire rotation

Not all checked components will be replaced during your visit. With help from your condition-based service monitor, trained and qualified BMW repair technicians at your local service center will be able to determine precisely what needs to be replaced and when.

How often should you get your BMW serviced?

It is recommended that you get your BMW serviced every year, or every 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is because this is the average amount of time you can go before minor changes begin to occur within your vehicle. These changes could include anything from blocked fuel filters, to faulty wiper blade inserts, to a broken timing belt.

While these minor changes need not be threatening to the functioning of the car, getting on a regular service schedule with BMW-trained technicians will ensure that you receive expert care for your vehicle on a regular basis, thereby preventing major damage down the line and saving you money.

How much does BMW maintenance cost?

The BMW brand offers three different levels of coverage for vehicle owners: basic, premium and ultimate. All of these come under BMW ultimate care. Basic covers everything except collision damage. Premium includes collision damage, roadside assistance, tire replacement, oil changes, and brake repair. Ultimate adds windshield wiper fluid, air filter replacements, and transmission fluid flushes.

Basic plans start at around $350 annually, while premium starts at $600, and ultimate at $900. When it comes to maintenance, the average owner pays about $1,000 per year. That works out to roughly $100 per month. Of course, there are some variables like mileage and vehicle make/model that affect the amount of money going into upkeep. However, this approach to service will save you money by avoiding mechanical breakdowns and huge repair costs.

What kind of maintenance does a BMW need?

If you want to avoid low-quality maintenance and thousands of dollars worth of repair costs, it is essential that you know how to look after your car. A wide range of things need to be regularly checked in order to ensure your vehicle is up to date. Here are tips to properly maintain your BMW:

Check your oil levels regularly

BMW recommends changing your car’s oil and oil filter once every seven-and-a-half thousand miles. While it might seem like common sense, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait longer than necessary. By waiting too long, you could end up damaging several important components inside your vehicle. In addition to making sure you don’t damage anything, getting a regular oil change will help extend the life of your engine.

Change your air filter frequently

The BMW 5 Series does not notify owners when it is time to replace spark plugs or engine air filters. This information is found in the owner’s manual. However, there is one sole exception. If your car has automatic transmission, the engine will automatically shut down whenever your battery voltage is too low. When this happens, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. You can also use the Car Connect app to monitor your vehicle’s performance.

Keep up with brake pad replacement

If you notice excessive brake pad wear, it might mean that your brakes aren’t working correctly. You want to make sure your pads are replaced before they start to fade away completely. Brakes and all their interior components, such as brake rotors and brake discs, work together to slow down your car safely.

They do this by converting kinetic energy into heat. This heat causes friction, which, in turn, generates force that slows down your car. As your brake pads get worn out, you lose efficiency and braking distance. Eventually, you won’t be able to stop your car without hitting the gas pedal.

Regularly top up your tires

Tire pressure must be maintained regularly to ensure safe operation. To do this, make sure that your tires are inflated properly, and rotated according to manufacturer recommendations. Also, make sure that there is adequate tread left on each tire, and that the tire balancing has been adequately checked.

Rust proof your car

When it comes to maintenance, most people only think about the interior of their car, as this is where things usually appear to go wrong. However, the exterior of your car is equally as important. It is, after all, what protects the interior. You should therefore include rust proofing into your regular BMW maintenance program. Rust proofing your car not only protects its body from looking unsightly, it also protects the undercarriage of your car, where there are a lot of exposed elements.

Rustproofing services

Check BMW engine’s rubber hoses and gaskets

When you’re checking your BMW tires, don’t forget about the rest of your vehicle. A thorough inspection of its engine is just as important. This includes looking for signs of wear and tear on the engine hoses and gaskettings. If you find anything unusual, take note of it. You’ll want to bring it up with the dealer when you go for maintenance.

Make sure that you send your BMW in for maintenance regularly

Your BMW needs regular tune-ups to maintain optimal performance. This includes changing brake pads and rotors, along with replacing spark plugs and air filters. As mentioned earlier, you should plan to bring your car in for service every five thousand miles or sooner if you see signs of trouble. During these inspections, your mechanic will write up a vehicle report which will let you know exactly what condition your car is in.

Check your batteries

Cold weather, and other such environmental influences, cause problems for car owners everywhere. These don’t just affect the car body; they affect the batteries as well. Because cold temperatures cause car batteries to lose power faster, having a fully charged battery is crucial to keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

To make sure that your battery is ready to go, ask your local mechanic for a voltage test. This involves measuring how much electricity your battery holds at different levels. If your battery isn’t holding enough charge, your car won’t start so make sure to check your battery regularly and replace it if necessary.

Rustproofing services

BMW maintenance service is important to ensure that your vehicle always runs smoothly and safely. However, the common services that are included in BMW ultimate care do not cover rust proofing, which is integral to the maintenance of your car.

At Antirouille Champlain, we offer two rustproofing packages for your vehicle: the original treatment and the sentinelle treatment. Our original treatment is carried out annually and has a 10-year warranty. Our Sentinelle treatment offers all the same benefits but is eco-friendly and has better abrasion resistance.

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