Prolonger la durée de vie de votre voiture

11 easy things you can do to make your car last longer

Proper car maintenance can extend the life of your car, and it may just save yours. Whether it be the fluid levels of the power steering or of the transmission fluid, changing the brake pads, or checking the condition of the air filter, car care is primordial to ensure safety. As we share the roads with others, it is important to be conscientious about the state of our car.

Apart from safety, the regular maintenance of a car can save thousands of dollars to those that proactively inspect their vehicle. Since they are expensive items, it is important to be familiar with the good habits that will extend the life of these machines. 

How long should a car last?

Assuming an average annual driving distance of 24,000 kilometers, the service life of a modern car should last up to 13 or 14 years.

This calculation depends entirely on the use that is given to the vehicle, and the maintenance that is provided to it. Similarly, if your mileage is not 24,000 kilometers per year, but 15,000 kilometers, you can extend the life of your car to 21-22 years. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are cars that are more than 20 years old and continue to operate normally.

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11 tips to make your car last longer

Like everything in life, cars also age over time. Although after the first few thousand kilometers, the engine will probably run better (it will be looser, therefore offering better performance and lower fuel consumption) after several years and long trips, the car may start to show signs of failure.

It is not only time that determines the aging of a car. The quality of the components, as well as the mileage are key elements in the life of a car. However, some golden rules will allow you to extend the life of your vehicle.

1. Clean and wash

Washing your car often can be a bit expensive, but it pays off in the long run. If you have a perfectly clean car, you can easily identify any scratches or defects. It is also a good idea to clean and ventilate the interiors of the car frequently, even just the floor mats or seats. Imagine getting into a car after being in a storm and your shoes are a bit wet. The carpet will absorb water and become damp, only to pass it to the floor of the car.

2. Repair cosmetic damage immediately

Stains and dents appear like purely cosmetic damage, which may not be worth repairing right away. Yet, a deep stain can let in water and dust, ruining the bodywork, which can rust fairly quickly. As for cracks, the problem is that with roads in poor condition and daily use, the cracks will only get worse.

3. Change the engine oil periodically

Since the invention of the combustion engine, motors have always required oil. Engine oil alone can dramatically change the life of a vehicle for the better. Likewise, it is worth paying special attention to the transmission fluid, because without it, the transmission would not last as long. On top of that, replacing the transmission fluid can make shifting smoother.

Here are all the fluids to consider when inspecting your car:

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid
  • Differential fluid
  • Air conditioning refrigerant

4. Avoid smoking inside your car

If you are a smoker try to avoid smoking in your car to extend the life of the components. The damage may not be immediately visible, but it can make the interior of your car look really bad, not to mention the smell that soaks through the upholstery and the residual particles in the air filter.

5. Don’t drive when you run out of fuel

Don’t wait until the last second to refuel. Being low on gasoline spreads the accumulated debris and sediment at the bottom of the tank into the fuel system. This could irreparably damage the engine.

6. Let your engine warm up

Before hitting the road, the most advisable thing to do is leave the car running for a few minutes, and maintain a constant rhythm during the first kilometers of travel. Otherwise, you will wear out the engine and damage it if you run the car when the engine is still cold.

7. Always respect the maintenance dates

It is recommended that you strictly adhere to the maintenance plan for your car, check out your car’s fluid levels and always follow the owner manual and manufacturer’s advice.

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8. If something is damaged, repair it as soon as possible

If you let a few weeks go by, you will probably never repair it, especially if it is minor damage that does not prevent you from driving. However, little problems, like interior tears, broken seams, minor scratches, and electrical system defects, if not handled in time, will turn any new car into a used car with defects.

If you notice rust on your car, you should act quickly. In order to ensure optimal protection against rust, we have been refining our application techniques for over 50 years. At Antirouille Champlain, we believe that the quality of our application techniques matters as much as our renowned anti-corrosion products.

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9. Take care of the tires and wheels

In addition to the legal obligations of changing tires in winter or summer, it is also necessary to always check the wear of the wheels. Before a long drive, after a vacation, or after a long period of parking, it is always important to carry out a thorough tire inspection. Balance, rotation, pressure and toe-in are the four pillars that regulate the control and condition of the tires.

In addition to the safety and efficiency issues of your tires, if one of the pillars that we just mentioned is in poor condition, your car will consume more fuel to get from A to B and that will quickly become pricey. This is another reason to check your tires regularly.

10. Protect your car paint

One of the most important secrets to maintaining the shine of your car is to protect the paint by applying wax two or three times a year. This is something that should be done immediately after washing the car with a suitable detergent. 

When the car is dry, you can apply the indicated and certified wax to the paint, spreading it throughout the body and then removing the residue with a soft cloth. This operation will protect your car from the harmful effects of the sun and ultraviolet rays.

11. Get an anti-rust treatment

Rust may seem like a seasonal thing on a car, but it is actually problems that can appear at any time of the year. Therefore, it is advised to protect your car throughout the year, regardless of the season, while taking special precautions when winter is looming. 

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